The Result Of Broken Bones To The Elderly  

Broken bones at an old age can lead to immobility of an elderly person and hence result in the decline of general health. It generally occurs due to a sudden fall or the brittleness and weakness of a bone due to diseases like osteoporosis.

The healing process would take longer than a younger person and the risks and complications may be higher. Since the elders do not have a strong mind and generally have a lot of insecurities about their future and dependencies, it could arise many physiological and psychological problems resulting in depression, isolation, muscle loss, pneumonia and unhealthy weight loss due to the decrease in the intake of food.

The elderly people generally become a lot weaker and less capable to do their daily chores. They may be prone to further infections if they are hospitalized under unhygienic conditions. The pain may be more than normal as the ability to withstand comes down by age.

If the fractured condition is quite severe, there is forced rest for the person and continuous bed rest leads to the formation of bed sores.  In some cases, it results in the sad death of a person.

The most common fracture prevalent among old people is the hip fracture which occurs in almost 20 to 25 percent of the cases and results in a lot of mental trauma among them. This is a significantly huge number. Most of these falls occur as accidents. Women have a higher chance of hip fracture than men as their bones get weaker due to osteoporosis.

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The Result Of Broken Bones To The Elderly




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The Result Of Broken Bones To The Elderly )
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