What Foods Help With Broken Bones ?

What Foods Help With Broken Bones ?

In addition to taking external precautions for healing broken bones, care should taken on consuming nutritious diet in a timely manner in order to aid the body to respond to the treatment faster and provide adequate nutrients for healing the wound.

Diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D is extremely important as it helps in bone growth and maintaining good health and strength of the bones. For example greens, skim milk, sardines, orange juice, non fat yogurt, almonds, soy beans, broccoli, black molasses, baked beans, kidney beans, corn tortillas, cooked spinach, raisins and peanut butter are rich sources of calcium.

Apart from consuming calcium rich foods, you need to also keep in mind about nutrients which help in the absorption of calcium. For example, Lysine, an amino acid, aids in calcium absorption and tissue regeneration. This component helps a lot in healing broken bones and is important for the formation of muscle protein. Hence, you need to also consume lysine rich food like yeast, soy products, defatted soy flour, low fat milk and fish.

Vitamin C is another important nutrient for forming healthy bones and promotes healing process. Citrus fruits are the best sources of vitamin C.

In addition, mobilization of the body at the appropriate time after adequate healing and isometric exercises stimulates and accelerates the healing process. You may also start on weight-bearing exercises like walking at the advice of the doctor. Try and reduce pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs and avoid smoking as far as possible as these can delay the healing process too.

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What Foods Help With Broken Bones