Chest Pain Be Caused By Gas  

Chest pain is not always life threatening. There are number of medical conditions other than cardiovascular disease that may trigger chest pain. Abdominal disorder is one such possible cause of chest pain and is often mistaken for angina or a cardiac attack but it is just a painful gas.

Sometimes during stomach pain gas moves into the chest area, stretching the nerve endings in the esophagus, and producing chest pains. Gas can cause discomfort, but it is usually located right in the middle of the chest and does not move anywhere whereas chest pain from angina or heart attack may radiate to other parts of the body including shoulders, neck and arms.

If you are having chest pain due to gas, then a product that relieves gas will relieve the chest pain.

Chest pain caused by heartburn is often accompanied by burping, bloating or gas. If the gas accumulates in the right upper abdomen, the pain may move up into the right lower chest and could be confused with gallbladder disease. If the gas accumulates in left upper abdomen, the pain may radiate into the left side of chest and could mimic heart disease. If the gas accumulates in the stomach, the upper abdominal pressure pain could radiate up to the lower chest and raise concern about heart disease.

Any chest pain should be thoroughly assessed, the older you get the more important that becomes. Physician usually evaluates chest pain by taking direct medical history of patients, performing physical examination, and getting an ECG and cardiac enzymes.

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Chest Pain Be Caused By Gas




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Chest-Pain-Self-Diagnosis      Chest pain is simply described as any pain, pressure, tightness or discomfort felt anywhere in the chest. Chest pain usually starts from any of the organ present in the chest cavity and then radiates to other parts of the body such as neck, jaws, arms and shoulders. More..




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