Can You Get A Concussion From Hitting The Back Of Your Head ?

Can You Get A Concussion From Hitting The Back Of Your Head ?

A concussion is a temporary impairment of brain function caused by a blow to the head, face or jaw. In majority of instances, concussions occur without loss of consciousness (LOC).

A concussion may happen because of fall, a motor vehicle accident or physical violence, such as fighting.

Our brain is made up of soft tissues and is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, one of the functions of which is to protect it from light trauma, but more serious impacts or the forces associated with rapid acceleration may not be absorbed by the cerebrospinal fluid. Concussion occurs when the brain suddenly shifts or shakes inside the skull and knocks against the bony surface. A hard hit to the head can cause the brain to twist, potentially causing tearing of blood vessels and injury to the nerve fibers.

The really bad injury comes from being hit on the side. If you are hit in front, the brain goes back and forth in linear fashion. Side blow may cause your head to rotate in the dangerous manner. The side jerk causes part of the brain to move faster than other, and that stretching causes a tearing of tissues-even deep tissues that is responsible for consciousness. The fibers in the front part of the brain that correlate with attention and memory are most likely to get stretched. 

It is very rare to get a traumatic brain injury from being hit on the back of the head. The back part doesn’t stretch very much because it is a part of the neck. If it did, people after concussion would complain of temporary loss of vision, because that part of brain controls vision.

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Can You Get A Concussion From Hitting The Back Of Your Head