How To Tell If You Have A Concussion  

Concussion is a medical terminology assigned to a severe head injury. Concussions may vary in intensity from mild to serious. There are no specific diagnostic tests to identify a concussion. Instead, the symptoms following the incident are observed closely. The injury is designated as a concussion, if pain in the head and sensation of giddiness persists till an hour after the injury. Concussions are graded into 3 levels, with the severity of the injury rising from grade 1 to 3.

A concussion is considered to be of grade 1 when the patient remains conscious. However this stage is accompanied by vomiting and decreased concentration ability. Mild concussions do not require CT scans and heal completely over a period of time leaving no effects thereafter. If the symptoms of the concussion do not subside and persist for long along with signs such blurred vision and problems associated with high decibel sounds and intense lights, then the concussion could be of level 2 or 3. In cases of severe symptoms of memory loss and perplexed state of mind, the doctors may prescribe a CT scan or MRI to evaluate brain bleeding or inflammations in the brain.

It is important to be aware of the fact that once an individual has experienced a concussion, the person thereafter becomes more susceptible to a second concussion. Therefore, until one has completely healed from the first injury, it is advisable to abstain from any form of vigorous activity or sports for a minimum time period of 2 weeks. Head injuries should never be taken lightly as at times a severe damage could even lead to death.

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How To Tell If You Have A Concussion




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