CPR Guidelines Chart

CPR Guidelines Chart

Life is extremely unpredictable. You never know what is in store for you the very next minute. Considering this unpredictability, it is always beneficial to be well equipped to tackle accidental situations wherein someone’s life could be in danger.

A CPR guideline chart is an instruction manual displaying essential information that could assist anyone in saving a precious human life. Having this chart at home and office premises is definitely advisable. Apart from other instructions that aid in guiding a layperson towards performing CPR that is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, one of the most fundamental guideline is to call 911 at the earliest.

The information highlighted on the CPR guideline chart includes various steps, the primary one being identification. One must try to arouse an unconscious victim. No response from the victim could indicate a breathing or heart disorder. In cases of unconsciousness, the next step should be to assess normal breathing by closely hearing and feeling the victim’s breath. CPR would be required to be administered in cases of abnormal or no breathing. However, before commencing the same ensure that the medical assistance has been called upon. CPR can be immensely exhausting for the giver; therefore it cannot be carried out for long.

The CPR guideline chart provides the instructions to administer CPR in detail. It clearly states each step towards administering the rescue breaths, using the Heimlich maneuver, checking the victim’s pulse and giving chest compressions. CPR has the potential to sustain life until help is received from the paramedics; therefore its guideline chart is an important manual.

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Cpr Guidelines Chart