CPR In The Workplace

CPR In The Workplace

The 21st century has brought along cut throat competition in the professional scenarios with the undying urge of every human to succeed and soar higher. Rapid progression is the motto of professionals in every walk of life. These towering ambitions are accompanied by immense mental stress that tends to take its toil on one’s physical health as well.

Moreover, the present lifestyle and dietary habits have enhanced levels of obesity especially in the US. Owing to all these circumstances, susceptibility to a cardiac arrest has increased for many drastically. In light of these facts, it is wise to have employees trained for cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR as this training can aid in saving the life of a colleague in event of a medical emergency in the office premises. Additionally, knowledge of CPR can also make one attain the attribute of patience during an emergency situation so that panic does not come in the way for taking a timely and prudent decision.

The American Heart Association (AHA) strongly canvasses training in CPR by mode of its records illustrating the importance of the same. Records showcase that eighty percent of cardiac arrests take place in private premises where administering CPR before the arrival of paramedics can double the chances of the patient’s survival. It is a known fact that within 4 to 6 minutes of a cardiac arrest, the brain ceases to function. CPR aids in sustaining the blood flow to the heart and brain, thereby saving the individual’s life. Statistics also highlight that ninety-five percent of patients experiencing sudden heart attacks lose their lives even before medical assistance is received and every year in the US approximately 138,000 patients of coronary heart disease collapse within the first hour of the onset of the signs of a heart attack. Therefore, one of the ways to save human life from this health tragedy is administering CPR.

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Cpr In The Workplace