First Aid And CPR Online Renewal  

First aid certification and CPR certification can be renewed online. Most first aid and CPR certifications are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Hence, a renewal of the certification is required and one needs to undergo a training session for this as well.

The American Heart Association provides various options for healthcare providers to receive initial Basic Life Support training or renewal of their BLS card.

Basic Life support training is exhaustive and it includes CPR and First Aid. However, the internet is flooded with various websites offering CPR and First Aid Certification and Renewal. Most of them claim to have instructors who are certified by American Heart Association (AHA). Some others claim to offer the best rates for certification and renewal of first aid and CPR. Most others claim to have the updated, accepted guidelines established by national emergency response organization, which includes the latest ECC Guidelines. Whatever the claims made by various websites, it is best to get yourself registered for the accredited courses provided by the American Red Cross (ARC), American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Safety Council (NSC). Most employers and state EMS agencies accept certification and renewal from these organizations. The courses offered here are structured to give the best possible training and confidence to the students attending the course.

Nevertheless, renewal of first aid And CPR is important for healthcare workers, daycare workers and others in charge of medical emergencies. Renewal from an accredited organization or others, it is important that you save a life in an emergency situation. However, one need not be First Aid or CPR certified to perform First Aid or CPR.

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First Aid And CPR Online Renewal




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