Lightheadedness During Yoga  

Yoga is a good exercise for health and it helps in curing many kinds of disorders like respiratory problems, chest related ailments, heart ailments and even helps to relieve stress. However, if a person is not completely healthy, they might feel uncomfortable while performing yoga exercises.

The typical discomforts are light headedness, nausea and breathing difficulties. However, feeling dizzy is a common complaint for many people who perform yoga. Yoga is an exercise that is deeply connected with breathing and the truth is 80 percent of humans do not completely use their nose to breath. Many do so using our mouths which is quite unhealthy. Yoga teaches how to breathe through the nose and promotes using the nasal track. Breathing through the mouth usually promotes panic attacks and when a person is doing any form of exercise breathing rapidly through the mouth can send panic signals to the brain and in turn causing dizziness.

Another cause for dizziness while performing yoga is exiting from one poses to another very quickly. The body needs to be coaxed into new postures and doing these exercises in a fast manner can cause dizziness. The blood stream and position changes suddenly and that is why it causes dizziness. Also, when a person is doing yoga a lot of toxins and waste is cleared from the body and the lymph system gets activated. This also can give scope for light headedness. It is important tom practice the warm up routine before completely settling into yoga poses directly. 

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Lightheadedness During Yoga




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