Loss Of Consciousness And Stroke  

Every year thousands of Americans suffer from heart stroke. It is one of the most common reasons of death in many seniors and even young adults. The main reasons for heart stroke are bad lifestyle, habits like smoking and irregular and unhealthy diet.

There are several symptoms to identify stroke patterns even before it strikes a person. A person who is going through a heart stroke usually experiences confusion, shortness of breath, sweatiness and heat palpitations along with chest pain. They should seek immediate medical help in such case. One of the most common symptoms is loss of consciousness and this can be dangerous if ignored.

A stroke is caused due to the extreme pressure and constriction in the chest area. As the pressure builds up in the chest the blood flow to the other organs in the body reduces. The blood cannot oppose the pressure and flow into the body. This leads to shortage of fluids in the body and many organs like kidney, liver and brain get affected. When the brain does not receive blood it goes through a similar condition like dehydration and tends to shut off. That is why a person loses consciousness during a stroke.

The best approach when such a things happens is to revive the person who had stroke immediately. Usually when a person loses consciousness it is only for a few seconds and they start regaining it slowly. The immediate remedy is to pump air into their chest and try to bring back the person. Once they regain consciousness, they should be given water to drink and immediately rushed to the hospital.

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Loss Of Consciousness And Stroke




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