Symtoms Of Food Poisoning From Peanut Butter  

Everyone loves peanut butter and it happens to be the favorite type of food for children. It is rare to find peanut butter poisoning however if it has not been packaged properly and was prepared with compromised hygiene, there may be scope of food poisoning.

Salmonella poisoning is the most common type of food poisoning that can occur because of peanut butter. Food poisoning can actually occur from any food source and it is not a must that only peanut butter can cause it. The symptoms can typically start from 2 hours to 72 hours of consuming the food. However, if one person has had food poisoning because of having a specific brand of peanut butter, then there may be other reasons also to get affected; like food allergy. However, if many people get food poisoned after having the same brand of peanut butter, then the fault is with the processing company and they can be used.

The typical symptoms that start after some time can be diarrhea and headaches. These will be the first symptoms to show up usually. The diarrhea may quickly progress to dehydration and cause fever in the body. All these may happen in succession. While having diarrhea a person may also have vomiting. These are body’s reactions trying to expel the infection out of the digestive system.

The most common way of treating this type of food poisoning is to get dosages of antibiotics from the physician. Off the shelf medicines only cure the symptoms and the infection may progress in the mean time.

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Symtoms Of Food Poisoning From Peanut Butter




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What-Can-I-Eat-If-I-Had-Food-Poisoning      The symptoms of food poisoning are diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and fever. Most people do not feel like eating anything when they are going through so much normally. Doctor’s advice people who have had food poisoning not to eat any solids until the diarrhea passes. More..




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