Do Fever Blisters Hurt ?

Do Fever Blisters Hurt ?

There are several kinds of sores like cold sore, pimple, and canker sores. There is a little difference between them. A canker sore is something that comes inside the mouth, and a cold sore, which is also called a fever blister or oral herpes, comes on the lips. This particular sore looks itchy and red before the infected area forms a blister which crusts over. A cold sore can be very painful.

Fever blisters hurt because it is like a wound that is open. When the nerve endings are exposed, it hurts and might cause infection. When it becomes a blister it hurts the most.

When you get a cold sore the first thing to do is avoid touching it or squeezing. Instead try using some ice to ease the pain. There are several home remedies for the cold sores and these remedies can help ease the pain when you get a fever blister. Lavender essential oil is supposed to provide relief to the affected area.

Zinc is known to speed the healing process and having zinc based supplements can help. Natural foods that are rich in zinc are lean meat, steak, oysters, lamb, chicken, eggs, fish, and whole grain breads.

Vitamin E is also helpful in curing cold sores and it is found in natural foods like peaches, fish oil, tomatoes, asparagus, avocados, cabbage, whole grain breads, spinach, asparagus, dried prunes and broccoli. Also aloe vera gel, calendula cream or tea tree oil is known to be good to ease the pain and facilitate healing.

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Do Fever Blisters Hurt