How To Induce A Fever ?

How To Induce A Fever ?

A healthy body temperature can fluctuate between 97°F and 100°F. An average temperature is about 98.6°F or 37°C. Only when the temperature is within this range, the body will have stability and it can balance the heat of the environment by working with the body’s metabolism. The hypothalamus in the body controls this process and is located in the brain.

A body temperature mostly depends on the circumstances. There are several of them like decrease or increase in the flow of the blood within the body and whether it is warm, or cold. It also depends on the rate at which the body is converting food into energy which is also known as the metabolic rate. This is also responsible for inducing shivering, a process which generates heat using muscle contractions. The same process also induces sweating, a process which cools the body by using evaporation.

Fever is an important process for the body and it regulates the immune response, though why it occurs is not completely understood. The immune system uses some chemicals produced by the body that react along with the fever-inducing agent and together they trigger the resetting of the biological thermostat.

The chemicals or the fever-inducing agent cannot be forged artificially so it is very difficult to tell how to induce a fever. There are some old wives tales like put an onion under your armpit or getting drenched in hot water. However, for a real fever to occur, one has to trigger the immune system of their body.

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How To Induce A Fever