Do Heat Waves Occur In North America The Most ?

Do Heat Waves Occur In North America The Most ?

North America is as susceptible as any other part of the world when it comes to heat waves because of the changing climate patterns in the world according to the global warming experts. Heat waves have occurred in cities like Chicago and Phoenix in North America.

Some weather experts believe that heat waves will become even more intense, more frequent, and also will last longer in this particular century. In the United States, heat wave will be experienced with severity and also it will be in full force in the western and southern parts of the country.

Some of the researches show results of an increase in the Greenhouse gases that absorb heat and they tend to intensify an off beat air circulation pattern. As this pattern becomes more repetitive, there are possibilities of severe heat waves occurring around the Mediterranean region in the south and western parts of the United States.

However, what is scary is that heat waves can kill more number of people than estimated in a short period of time than compared to any other climatic event. Through a recent research it as found that the death toll due to heat wave was 739 people in Chicago when a heat wave occurred during July 14-20, 1995. And the animal fatalities were not even counted.  

During the Chicago heat wave, severe changes in the atmospheric pressure caused clear skies and increased heat conditions. The atmospheric pressure changes caused during heat waves show that the carbon dioxide collects in the atmosphere.

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Do Heat Waves Occur In North America The Most