Reason For Sweating During The Night

Reason For Sweating During The Night

Doctors often hear their patients complaining of night sweats and it is actually very common complaint for them in their field. Night sweats means excess sweating that occurs during the night. If your bedroom is very hot and if you are wearing too many clothes, then you are bound to sweat at night while sleeping. This is normal.

In order to differentiate night sweats that are as a result of health causes from the ones that occur due to external causes, doctors refer to true night sweats as hot flashes. These occur at night and can drench the sleepwear and bed sheets literally, and these episodes are not at all related to the overheated surrounding environment.

There are several reasons that cause night sweats. But in order to determine what exactly is causing the night sweats in a person, the doctor has to obtain a detailed medical history and also order tests. This will allow the doctor to diagnose the underlying medical condition that is responsible for causing night sweats.

Menopause causes hot flashes that can occur at night and also cause sweating. This is one of the most common causes of night sweats in women.

Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body produces too much sweat without any reason and it is considered to be a chronic condition.

There are some other kinds of infections and severe illnesses that can cause the problem of night sweats and one should check with their physician in order to find the right diagnosis. It is always better to rule out the worst in case scenario for night sweats.

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Reason For Sweating During The Night