Complications Following Heimlich Maneuver  

Heimlich maneuver is a first aid process that is used to relieve a choking person. It is usually considered safe and it is the only way to remove the object that is blocking the airways with immediate effect before the person loses consciousness. Choking can become dangerous if there is a delay in removal of the object.

The complications are more when the object remains in the air passage more than the remedies. Heimlich maneuver helps to save thousands of children’s lives and some adults every year in the United States. Many cases come to the emergency room in US due to choking and most of them are children. The object that is blocking the trachea or the larynx completely stops air circulation and the pressure in the chest keeps increasing. Even blood does not flow out to all organs and the brain ceases to work causing loss of consciousness.

It is a first aid procedure and the only complication involved is some damage to an internal organ in the abdomen region. However, if Heimlich maneuver has been performed by a trained medical officer or a nurse the chances of injury are minimal. The only way injury to other organs is caused when an inexperienced person performs it and by mistake puts excessive pressure on the wrong place. There are not many cases where internal injuries have occurred due to this process. Even hospitals adopt the same method to remove the choking object and it is considered to be one of the safest ways by medical industry.

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Complications Following Heimlich Maneuver




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Esophageal-Injury-After-Heimlich-Maneuver      Heimlich maneuver is a process used to relieve a choking person of discomfort. It can be performed by anyone who knows how to do it and even otherwise that is the first attempt any person would make when they are close to a choking person. Choking happens while eating and any food item can get stuck in the throat. The person is encouraged to cough it out simultaneously. More..




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Complications Following Heimlich Maneuver )
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