How Many Pills Does It Take To Overdose ?

How Many Pills Does It Take To Overdose ?

Overdose is a situation where a person has had excessive amounts of medication than the prescribed level. Mostly people do this as a suicide attempt or by mistake. Any medication taken in more than twice of the prescribed quantity is termed as overdose.

For example, if you are prescribed one tablet of 800 mg amoxicillin and you take two instead, then it is considered to be overdose.

So, how many pills does it take to overdose? This question is really difficult to answer as the overdose amount will vary from pill to another. Most pills that can cause harm to a person are available in small weights and therefore, a person would have to take many to overdose. However, a person does not have to take too many high potency drugs in order to overdose.

Therefore, the number of pills required to overdose ultimately depends on the milligram of the pill and the type of drug.

As a reaction to the overdose some people start vomiting and others may faint. Getting the person to the hospital is the best solution in case of over dose. Some medications like sleeping pills can cause death in the person when not attended to immediately. First you should dial 911 and then try to give some saline or salt water to the person. The salt makes them vomit the medicine that is still in the digestive track. Medicine has the quality to reach the blood stream quickly and that is why overdose is very dangerous.

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How Many Pills Does It Take To Overdose