Army Fitness Physical Training

Army Fitness Physical Training      It is a well known fact that physical training is a fundamental part of army fitness. Anyone joining the armed forces is expected to meet certain physical fitness demands that are set forth by the force and thereby after be able to maintain those levels.

       The army physical fitness test is made up of three main components. These are timed pushups, sit ups and a run. For army personnel, physical fitness training is very important because the fitness test score will not just give you points for promotion but it is also considered a measure for prestige and honor. In other words, the higher the army personnel scores, the better he or she looks and in turn the better the unit looks. In addition you get honored with certificates of achievement, unit coins and/or officer’s congratulations.

      If you are taking part in an army physical fitness test, do remember that a score of 300 is considered perfect. These 300 points should be broken down into 100 points for each category. In case, you do manage to score 300 points, you will end receiving an extended score that will take your total army physical fitness score to over 300. However, most soldiers find it quite difficult to get perfect score. This said, it is not impossible to max the test. With a few tips and rigorously training, you can easily max the physical fitness test.


       When taking part in the fitness test, you will, generally, be expected to do 77+ push ups in 2 minutes, 82+ sit ups in two minutes and then a two-mile run in 13 minutes.

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Army Fitness Physical Training