Corporate Wellness Trends

Corporate Wellness Trends       According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, if a corporate wellness program is introduced into an organization, healthcare costs reduce by 20 to 55 percent, short-term sick leave reduces by 6 to 32 percent and the productivity of the organization increases by 2 to 52 percent.

      Corporate wellness trends show that organizations are keen to adopt customized programs for each employee. This is a good sign as the same program for all employees is not the way forward. Individual employees have different needs and concerns and customized programs do a lot to address them. These programs allow employees to work with an expert around their wellness goals and they tend to develop specific and realistic activities in order to achieve their goals. Customized corporate wellness programs have the ability to increase employee participation as well as ensure that high levels of participation occur for longer periods of time.

       As corporate wellness trends catches on, employers are concentrating more on tailoring technology and methodology for each individual. These tailor-made programs allow the delivery of scalable, convenient and effective solution for the wellbeing of an employee. In addition, when making customized or tailored programs, the employee’s motivation, self-confidence, barriers, family history and history is taken into consideration. This results in organizations having to spend less money on health care and the returns far outclass the money spent as efficiency and productivity levels in the organization increase drastically.

      Corporate wellness trends show that employers are keen to spend less money on sick leave, disability and workers’ compensation. A wellness program is the perfect answer for them.

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Corporate Wellness Trends