Free Weight Training Program

Free Weight Training Program       Internet has definitely changed the way we view weight training. These days, there are many free weight training programs that you can get on the Internet.

       The length of basic program usually depends on the experience of the person. Once you master the basic program, you are all set to move forward for a more intensive weight training program.

       A basic weight training program for an inexperienced person will last for 8 to 10 weeks after which he can graduate to the next level. However, if you have some experience in weight training, your initial program will last for around 3 to 5 weeks and not more. This is because if you continue any longer there are chances of having undesirable detraining effect.

      A good basic weight training program will ensure that most of the major muscle groups in your body are worked. Do not forget to incorporate some cardiovascular exercises before and after your weight training so that your body gets an opportunity to warm up and cool off and it will also help in avoiding stiff muscles.

      You should ensure that your free weight training program does not allow you to work the same muscle group in two consecutive exercises. A good training program will also take care of this fact by alternating upper and lower body or total body, upper body and lower body exercises.

     If you are inexperienced in weight lifting, make sure your weight training program first starts you off with body weight exercises and then progresses to free weights. If you are used to weights, then start with free weights and then progress to resistances, which should be low to moderate.

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Free Weight Training Program