Weight Training And Cycling Performance

Weight Training And Cycling Performance       If you are cycling, then you should know that cycling is just great for lower body strength but it hardly does anything for upper body muscles.

       This can be a big issue with people who take part in competitions or are major cycling buffs. Even mountain bikers can suffer because of this because they need upper body strength to lift, jump or cycle over rough terrain and obstacles.

      Weight training and cycling performance are interlinked. The best way to improve your cycling performance is to focus on building your strength during winter months and then laying back during the riding season. The reason is that your upper body, which includes your abdominal muscles, plays an important part in pedal stroke. If you have a strong upper body, you will be able to deliver the maximum power from the quads onto the pedal.

       Just remember, a strong cycler will hardly move his upper body on a leveled stretch. This is in contrast to a rider who tires out as he will be rocking his pelvis on the cycle saddle. Ultimately it is muscle strength in the quads and legs that makes all the difference between walking and riding up a short slope of 10 to 15 pedal strokes. In addition, a strong upper body will also protect the rider when he falls, which part and parcel of this sport.

       There is no doubt that weight training and cycling performance are connected as muscle strength that you get from weight training will help prevent fatigue. You will stay fresh during a competition and this will help you maintain sharp reflexes and make correct technical moves. Make sure that during off season you spend enough time doing leg presses with weights to build up your body for optimum performance.

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Weight Training And Cycling Performance