Aerobic Exercise After Surgery

Aerobic Exercise After Surgery

Usually after a surgical procedure, a person tends to feel tired. In fact, this is the most common problem faced post-surgery and doctors recommend that patients should do light aerobic exercise after surgery to reduce the severity of the symptom.

Aerobic exercise after surgery is especially helpful for women who have this procedure to remove cancerous breast tumors. These women are allowed light aerobic exercise around 3 weeks after the surgery and normal aerobic exercise 6 weeks later.

If you have undergone breast surgery, it is important that you do aerobic exercise to strengthen your arm. This will help you tremendously when it comes to your daily activities. In addition, doing aerobic exercise after surgery will also ensure that any weaknesses or imbalances in the muscles are taken care of and you will not suffer from lymphedema, a condition related to the lymph nodes that many women experience after breast cancer surgery.

No matter what surgery you have, it is important that afterwards when doing aerobic exercise, you maintain a good posture while performing the exercise. Usually many people suffer from posture problems after a surgery and when exercising make a conscious effort to check and correct your posture.

Besides helping to get relief some fatigue, aerobic exercise post-surgery will also help your heart. It will strengthen the heart as this exercise increases the heart rate which, in turn, allows the heart to sustain its pumping action for an increased period of time.

It is important to have a structured program for your aerobic exercise as this will improve your recovery physically and psychologically.

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Aerobic Exercise After Surgery