Who Invented Boxing ?

Who Invented Boxing ?

Boxing is a kind of combat sport, and it involves two people. These two people will have similar vital statistics in the form of weight and height.

Also, in a boxing match only fists are used to fight. The winner is determined using three ways in a boxing match -- if the opponent has been knocked out, he cannot get up from the floor before the referee counts 10 seconds or when the opponent has been injured too much.

Boxing is a rugged sport and players can expect to get a lot of hurt on their body parts. It is very important for the boxers to be muscular and strong.

Boxing is an extremely popular sport, and several countries have their own versions of it.

However, some historians believe that boxing was found in Greek civilization in 675 BC. The first mention of such a sport was found in Greek literature. The Mycenae warriors used this combat sport to defeat their enemies. Boxing was also accepted into the Olympics in 688 BC, and was called Pygme. However, sooner or later it was also found in Roman contexts.

Boxing was introduced in the United States in 19th century. It gained popularity very slowly and was actually adapted from the European countries. In the United States, boxing is a very polished sport and there are several rules. Boxing champions have their own managers, who organize the games for them. It is always an individual fight. The most popular boxing figure of the United States is Mike Tyson.

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Who Invented Boxing ?