What To Wear When Hiking

What To Wear When Hiking

If you want to go out hiking with family and friends, you have to plan many things, including what to wear when hiking. This is often neglected and many people end up paying the price for not wearing appropriate clothes for hiking.

Remember, hiking is an activity and you are not going outdoors to make a fashion statement. When deciding what to wear when hiking, you should make sure that your clothes are comfortable and they cover your body properly.

When pondering over what to wear when hiking, most people pay attention to only head gear and shoes. They forget about clothes. However, wearing the right type of clothes can make or break your trip. Usually when hiking, it is the weather that determines the type of clothes to wear. However, weather can be unpredictable and you might face bright sunshine or rain without any warning. Therefore, it makes sense to wear layered clothing so that you can adapt your clothes to the weather.

It is important that you wear something under your clothes that helps to absorb perspiration but does not allow the perspiration to evaporate, making you feel clammy. Base wear made from polyester micro fiber is best suited for summer, while polypropylene is ideal for cooler weather.

You should avoid wearing jeans on a hiking trip. Instead wear pants that are specially made for these kinds of trips. If necessary, depending on the weather, you can also buy water resistant pants that will protect you from getting wet. Carrying a pair of shorts is always a good idea, but make sure that you wear them in areas which are not infested with mosquitoes. Otherwise be prepared to be bitten by these tiny bloodsuckers, especially if you have forgotten to bring your mosquito repellant.

Your shoes should be cushioned with high ankles as this will help to prevent blisters or getting attacked by ticks and leeches. In addition, the cushioning in the shoes will ease the stress out of your feet when you are traversing rough terrain. Also make sure you wear socks that can absorb the sweat from your feet.

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What To Wear When Hiking