History Of Jump Rope

History Of Jump Rope

Jump rope is not only a children’s sport, but it is a workout which helps a person lose weight and improves muscle mass. This is not a modern sport, but has been into existence since ancient times.

It is believed that, in the medieval period, the Aborigines used to jump ropes made with vines and over bamboos. It may be dated back to 1600 A.D. when Egyptians used to jump rope.

Though the exact time and place of evolution of jump rope is not known, it is a fact that jump rope has been in existence throughout the years.

It is not just a child’s play and neither is it a girl’s choice because history suggests that it was primarily a man’s sport in ancient times, and the women were not allowed to take part in it.

It is assumed that jump rope originated in Egypt and then spread in Europe, and it eventually touched North America. This is where the Dutch settlers were among the first to start this sport. Jump rope was a very popular sport in the 1940s until the late 1950s. But for a few years after that it lost its fun. Later from the 1970s, however, it regained its popularity.

People have begun to realize that it is a great form of exercise, both for the adults as well as the kids. Nowadays, there are clubs for jump roping where they have members of their own and jump roping competitions are also being held

As jump rope gains more and more popularity, jump rope history may no longer be of relative importance.

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History Of Jump Rope