Kayak And Facts

Kayak And Facts

Before we get into kayak and facts, let us first understand what a kayak is. It is a small boat, which has to be rowed using a paddle. The paddle is different from what is used on other boats. It has a deck and a cockpit, which are covered.

Kayak and Facts:
Although kayaking has become very popular as a sport, what many people do not know is that kayaks were invented by Inuit people. The first kayaks were made from seal skin, which was stretched over whalebones and the kayaker used a double bladed paddle to propel the boat forward. The shape and the weight of the kayak made it an ideal mode of transportation for the Inuit people who were living on the frozen land of the Arctic.

These initial kayaks were covered on the top and the kayaker wore a waterproof skin to prevent getting drenched by the ice cold water of the Arctic Sea. Kayaks were, and still are, high maneuverable. In addition, even if they turned over, they did not sink and could be easily righted.

Today, kayaks are usually made from fiberglass or plastic, which again make sure that they are light, making it very easy to transport them on top of car. You can even get kayaks that can be folded like a piece of luggage, which make it easy to transport and store. These kayaks are made from fabric.

If you buy a kayak, you will find that it has a bulkhead where you can store your clothes, matches and food without them getting wet. In addition, the bulkhead serves to provide flotation to the kayak incase it turns over. However, you can also get kayaks without bulkhead and in which case, you will have to use a waterproof bag to keep your things.

You can get specialized kayaks for kayaking in the sea, white water, river, creeks or lake. Kayaking, which became an Olympic event in 1936, has come a long way from the time when the Inuits first invented this simple yet useful boat. Today, people of all ages enjoy this fun sport all over the world.

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Kayak And Facts