Kayak Paddling Instructions

Kayak Paddling Instructions

If you want to learn kayaking, the first thing that you will have to understand that kayaking is all about paddling. If you get the right kayak paddling instructions, you will excel in this sport. Paddling the right way will help you control the kayak while propelling you forward. It is all about coordination and balance while using your torso and legs.

Here are some kayak paddling instructions that will help you improve your paddling expertise:

One of the easiest kayak paddling maneuver is the forward stroke, and it is also the stroke where many people make mistakes. If you get the forward stroke right, you will be able to propel the kayak forward to the maximum while reducing stress on your wrist, shoulders and torso.

In order to learn the forward stroke, it is imperative that you learn to hold the paddle correctly. It is because of incorrect hold that many people end up messing up this simple maneuver. Make sure that your hands around shoulder width apart when holding the paddle. In addition, make sure that the paddle is facing the right direction.

Once you master the hold, you then shift to paying attention to the control grip. If you are right-handed, your control grip will be with the right hand and the reverse is applicable to people who are left-handed. In addition, make sure that your posture is correct. You have to comfortable with your legs secured in the thigh braces and your feet resting on the foot rest.

Then place the right side of the paddle blade into the water if you are right-handed. When you do this, your torso should be moving or rotating counter-clockwise and your left hand should be retracted. Then put the left side of the paddle into the water and reverse the position of your torso and right hand. In addition, as your setting up for the next stroke, remember you will have to rotate your grip so that the paddle can enter the water at the correct angle.

Make sure you do not hold the paddle too tightly as it will tire you out and cause unnecessary stress on your arm and wrist. Keep practicing until you master this stroke.

You will find many kayaking paddle instructions online for different strokes. Some of them will also have graphic descriptions, making it easier for you to follow the instructions.

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