Pilates Exercise For Beginners

Pilates Exercise For Beginners

Pilates for beginners is a great way to tone your body and make it flexible. You can make your muscles supple and align them in such a way that they give a proper shape for your body. While performing any exercise it is very important to do them in slow and coordinated movements and also to warm up before you actually start.

The warm up exercises involve stretching your leg, calf and hand muscles. It also brings the back and abdominal muscles to position. You can just sit down flat on the ground with your feet apart and try to touch your toes. This is a good warm up exercise for stretching the entire body. Three minutes of warm up is ideally recommended for beginners.

As a beginner you should focus on each part of the body individually. Reach out to the sky with your hands and pull it down. This increases the stability of your shoulders.

Stand straight and take one arm over your head and bend in the direction of your arm. This helps to improve your posture.

The cat and cow back stretch helps to make the back muscles flexible and is a good beginner’s exercise.

The C curve is an exercise that requires bending the back in a c-shape. This is used in several Pilates exercises, including the more difficult ones. It is a must learn for all beginners.

All Pilates beginners should learn how to inhale in deeply and exhale patterns. This is the core of the exercise that is performed with all the poses and forms.

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Pilates Exercise For Beginners