Pilates Leg Exercise

Pilates Leg Exercise

There are several leg exercises for beginners in Pilates. There are several kinds of leg stretch exercises. While performing the leg stretches, the back muscles also get extended.

It also trains the abdomen region, and you will learn to control the movement of muscles. The trunk is stabilized when the arms and legs are in motion. The lower abs is shaped more effectively by performing leg exercises.

In order to perform Pilates leg exercises, first of all prepare your body. Lie on the back and bend your knees so that the shins are parallel to the floor. Your legs should resemble a table top. Breathe in deeply and exhale while relaxing the lower abs.

Stay in this position and while exhaling pull your abs tightly, and take your belly button down and slowly start curling your head to the tip of the shoulder blades. As you do this, your left leg should at a 45 degree angle.

The right leg should remain in its position and the right hand should hold the right leg ankle. The left hand should move to the right knee as you exhale.

The whole sequence of the legs exercise involves keeping the upper body in the curved position.

The next time you inhale you should switch the legs and perform the same routine. You should repeat the sets for at least 10 times. This Pilates exercise helps to tone the muscles at the calf, lower abs, and also strengthens the muscles of the lower back since the lower part of the body is taking the strain.

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Pilates Leg Exercise