Pilates Thigh Lengthening Excercises

Pilates Thigh Lengthening Excercises

If you want to lengthen certain parts of the body like thigh muscles, Pilates is the best. Pilates energize the legs and also improve your body posture.

Eventually you feel taller and stronger by performing the exercises regularly. All the exercise helps you achieve is that it aligns the spine with the rest of your body and legs. Also, your posture improves while walking and standing.

Some of the classic thigh lengthening exercises in Pilates are leg kicks and thigh lifts. Lie down on the round in erect posture on one side of the body. Lift up your head and bend your lower arm simultaneously. Keep the elbow to the ground.

The second step is to lift up the leg. Inhale and exhale deeply in this posture and return to the initial posture.

Move your leg perpendicularly upwards in the air. Inhale and lower your leg. Repeat this step 10 times.

Remain in the same posture and perform thigh lifts. Start by taking your leg upwards, bend your knees and put your feet to the ground. Hips and toes should face the forward direction. Bring your leg forward and hold the ankles while pressing the legs against your chest. Come back to the previous posture and repeat the same procedures.

There are many more Pilates exercises that help to strengthen and stretch your leg and thigh muscles. Leg circles are also a very good exercise and is great for strengthening the back and leg muscles at the same time. It also helps to tone the hips.

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Pilates Thigh Lengthening Excercises