How Can Women Over 50 Build Muscle

How Can Women Over 50 Build Muscle ?

Anyone who is over 50 will lose strength. This is also true for women who will notice that their muscle mass is reducing after the age of 50. So, how can women over 50 build muscle? Are there ways that can help women over 50 build muscles?

Women who are over 50 and are keen to build their muscle mass should be careful because the risk of injury increases. Most of these injuries are caused due to lack of earlier physical activities and the recovery can be slow. In addition, another major concern for women over 50 is osteoporosis. This itself should be an incentive to build strength and muscle mass.

Women over 50 who want to build muscle mass should not take supplements with steroids. This can cause more harm then good. What you need to do is look for exercises that will first firm and tone the muscle. No doubt it will be a long drawn and tedious process but the results will motivate you. Slowly you will see the fat and loose muscle turning firm.

One of the best ways for women over 50 to build muscles is through weight lifting. This also has added advantage of increasing bone density and thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis. You should first start with less weight and then gradually build it up to a level that you can sustain. The reason for building up the weights is that your body will get used to one weight and thereafter muscle growth will stop. Of course, before any exercise routine make sure you warm up and then cool down after the routine.

Remember, you want to build muscle mass and it is possible to do it even after 50. All you need to do it regular weightlifting, eat healthily and make sure you get adequate rest. It is when you are resting that your muscles grow. Do not over train with the weights because you will not see any results and this will get you de-motivated.

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How Can Women Over 50 Build Muscle