Will Walking Build Muscle Mass Or Will It Just Tone

Will Walking Build Muscle Mass Or Will It Just Tone ?

Many people are lazy and want easy way out when it comes to building muscle. The laziness stems from the fact that building muscle requires a lot of effort and most people are not willing to put it in. Therefore, you should not be surprised if someone wants to know will walking build muscle mass or will it just tone the muscles.

And most of you will answer that walking will just tone the muscle. However, this is not true. Walking does build muscle mass because it cause a group of muscles to flex repeatedly which ultimately will lead to bigger and more powerful muscles. And walking will also help to tone your muscles so that you have a cut appearance of the muscles.

However, building of muscles through walking primarily depends on the type of walk. Obviously it needs to be a brisk walk with different variations. Walking just leisurely will only help to tone the body and will not help in building muscles. The best way to build muscles through walking is to use ankle and wrist weights on your legs and arms. As you go through your walking routine, you will gradually have to increase the weights. Once you get used to a weight, it should be increased and it is only then you will build your muscles through walking.

You get many different types of weights for arms and ankles and you choose a variety so that you have all sorts of weights available for use. This obviously should be done only if you are looking to build your muscle. On the other hand, if you are looking to just tone your muscles, you do not need any weights and just walking a few miles couple days in a week should help you keep your body toned.

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Will Walking Build Muscle Mass Or Will It Just Tone