How To Lose Weight While Weight Training

How To Lose Weight While Weight Training

Although weight training is not the best way to lose weight, it forms an important part of your weight loss strategy. Today, many people want to know how to lose weight while weight training because they have realized that it can help burn calories. Yes, you burn calories while you are working out.

How to Lose Weight While Weight Training:

As you age, your muscle mass tends to decrease. In addition, your metabolism will slow down. Once this happens, you will end up burning fewer calories. And if you eat the same amount of food you did a few years ago, the extra calories will get deposited as fat in your body. However, you may not notice this fat because it less dense than muscle and may not show on a weighing scale.

However, by doing weight training, you will speed up your metabolism and you lean muscle mass will grow. You will feel more energized and be proud to have a better muscle tone.

How to lose weight while weight training? Well, you need to have around two to three training sessions in a week. You should concentrate on working all the large muscle groups of your legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms. You can use either machines or free weights; the choice is yours. When working towards losing weight, remember not to do more than 15 repetitions per set.

If you do not want to use weights in a gym, you can do weight training by using your body weight. Sounds weird but it is not so. You can do push ups and lunges or squats at your home and you will see the same effect. Of course, your aim is to lose weight while weight training and not to become a bodybuilder so this can work for you.

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How To Lose Weight While Weight Training