How Hospital Should Prevent Medical Errors

How Hospital Should Prevent Medical Errors ?

Health care providers like doctors, clinicians and nurses can no longer ignore the serious problems in the hospitals in the United States. Medical errors are causing too many patients to die and according to the Institute of Medicine approximately 98,000 people die each year due to medical errors.

Just seeing the number of people who die each year due to medical errors makes us realize that this number is far higher than it should be. Hospitals have to take steps to prevent medical errors so that the number of fatalities and injuries reduce. Medication errors alone kill more than 7,000 people each year and it is estimated that preventable adverse drug events cost the healthcare system $2 billion annually.

Nowadays, health care organizations and professional affiliated with them across the US are gradually making patient safety their main priority. They are trying to establish patient safety programs so that the number of medical errors reduces. These patient safety programs provide a strong and visible attention to safety; encourage non-punitive systems for reporting and analyzing errors within the organizations; incorporate standardizing and simplifying of equipment, supplies and process; and establish interdisciplinary team training programs.

The other way how hospitals should prevent medical errors is by ensuring that the doctor forms a sort of bond with the patient so that he is more conducive to ensuring that medical errors do not occur.

It is quite a massive task for hospitals to enforce measures to prevent medical errors but they measures have to be taken if the healthcare industry wants to win back the trust of people and patients.

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How Hospital Should Prevent Medical Errors