Herbs That Make You Feel Good  

There is an herb for everything like the Chinese say. There are some herbs that can be used as mood boosters and can make you feel good. The biggest reason for stress and depression is the number of toxins in our body. As these toxins increase in the body everyday they cause a range of nervous and mental disorders. There are several food items and liquids that carry toxins into our body including water.

Toxins also form as a residual of left over minerals in the body. Detoxifying our body on a regular basis is a good idea as the process helps to get rid of all the toxins present in the body. There are many herbs that help you do that. Usually these herbs are rich in fiber. Since one of the direct effects of toxicity in the body is stress and depression, several of these herbs also act as mood enhancers. Simple herbs like basil and cypress are made into tea and the tea helps to elevate the mood and fight stress or depression.

Several of the allopathic medications have severe side effects and they get the person addicted to it. However, herbal teas and medicines have no such side effects and they act positively on a person’s body. Chamomile is a good mood enhancer which does not create an addiction. There are several herbs like juniper berries, chamomile, sagrada and normal Chinese green tea which can work as mood elevators and also cure stress sand depression. However, the cure takes a little longer than conventional medications.

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Herbs That Make You Feel Good




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