Cumin And Cancer  

Cumin seeds are valued highly for its medicinal benefits and initially originated in the Eastern Mediterranean countries like Turkey, Egypt and Iran. It has also been widely cultivated in Israel. Cumin is popularly used in Indian, Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is added to curries, chutneys, sauces, stews, soups and casseroles. It is also a major ingredient in salsa, tacos and enchiladas.

The natural anti-carcinogenic properties of the powerful cumin seeds help in the detoxification process and prevent the occurrence of liver and stomach tumors. It is also used to treat deadly diseases like cancer.

Cumin is part of the parsley family. The unique phytochemicals in the cumin seeds has anti-inflammatory properties and also protect the human body from developing cancer.

In addition, these seeds are found to be highly effective in enhancing the activity of protective enzymes and discarding the harmful chemicals that causes different kinds of tumors and cancers in the stomach, colon and cervix. Cumin aldehyde found in the cumin seeds are hypoglycemic in nature and hence are efficient in reducing the blood sugar levels of the individual suffering from diabetic mellitus. Black cumin helps in treatment of inflammatory disorders, broncho-dilatory, bacterial and fungal infections.

It is quite fascinating to know that Cumin has so many benefits and that this one ingredient in food can be used to treat a wide variety of health disorders with great ordeal and high proficiency. All these properties have made cumin gain a very important place in the food market.

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Cumin And Cancer




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Cumin-Herbal-Remedies      Cumin is an essential ingredient of many Indian cuisines. It is also popularly used in Moroccan and Eastern Mediterranean cuisines. Cumin has been widely used in food preparation for the last 5000 years across many parts of the world. It is used to cook curries, breads, stews, chutneys and sauces. It is rich in iron and many other essential nutrients required by our body. More..




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