Blood Volume In Human Body  

The presence of blood in healthy amounts is very important for staying healthy. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to various parts of our body and if we have to stay healthy over also then the blood volume should be proportionate to our body. Every cell in the body depends on the blood and oxygen that it carries.

Blood is also responsible for keeping the body temperature steady and removing the excess heat through the skin. It fights infections and also carries the necessary chemicals that are essential in regulating the body functions. Blood is the life giver for the human body and the moment blood flow stops we die. In an average human being, the amount of blood in the body would be one eleventh of the body weight. Every person’s body weight is different and unique. So, the blood volume in their body will also be unique and correspond to their body’s weight. Also, the blood volume contributes to our overall body weight. For example, if a person weight somewhere in between 150 and 160 pounds, then the blood volume or the amount of blood in their body would be about 4.7 liters.

Also, the amount of blood volume depends on other factors such as ethnic backgrounds and the body type. People who are anemic will have lower blood volume and the lack of blood will show on their face. Blood is pumped into the body constantly and also it reveals the over all body’s health. If you notice or identify any problem with your health, the doctors usually take a blood test.

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Blood Volume In Human Body




Body Mass Index (BMI):

How-To-Calculate-Body-Water-Volume      The human body weight is made up of several things like the blood volume, bone mass, flesh, muscle and the water content in the body along with the fat. There are some minimum requirements that have to be met when it comes to calculating the body mass index. The human body has to have a minimum amount of blood and water to function regularly. One eleventh of the body is made up of blood and also water. Both are equally essential for its functioning. More..




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