Is High Cholesterol A Symptom Of Something Else

Is High Cholesterol A Symptom Of Something Else ?

High cholesterol levels do not exhibit very clear symptoms but they cause serious health disorders ultimately. Common health problems of high cholesterol in the body includes heart attack known as myocardial infarction, coronary disease, peripheral vascular disease and stroke.

Fat deposits are also found on skin and called xanthoma. Whitish edges are found in the cornea of the eye or yellowish patches are observed around the eyelids due to excess deposits. In some case, yellow streaks can be found in the hands. Spleen enlargement and pancreatitis are other common consequences of elevated cholesterol levels. Arteries blocks, diabetes, narrowed arteries, hypertension, gallstones development, Atherosclerotic heart disease, coronary insufficiency and ischaemia caused due to the decreased oxygen supply to heart muscles are some of the other health problems caused due to excess cholesterol content in the body. Abdominal pain and leg pain are caused due to excess fat deposits in the internal organs of the body. 

Routine blood test examinations can reveal the cholesterol levels and it is advisable to do a fasting blood test with a sample taken 9 to 12 hours after fasting. Cholesterol content can go up in adults from the age of 20. Women who have just undergone menopause have a high risk of developing elevated cholesterol. Similarly, a family history of cholesterol problem is an indication for the descendants to keep their health and blood cholesterol levels at serious check. 

The best way to avoid excess cholesterol in the body is to adopt healthy lifestyle choices, slight changes in food habits and following a healthy exercise regimen.

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Is High Cholesterol A Symptom Of Something Else