Worst Foods To Eat Before A Cholesterol Test

Worst Foods To Eat Before A Cholesterol Test :

Cholesterol tests are carried out after overnight fasting of approximately 9 to 12 hours. You may drink water during this period but it is better to avoid other solid foods and beverages as there could be a difference in the triglyceride levels.

Try and follow a normal and regular diet routine for a week before the cholesterol test. High amounts of saturated or trans-fats, high-sugar content foods, processed food products with hydrogenated oils, coconut oil, cheese, palm oil and butter should be avoided for accurate results. Avoid consumption of alcohol two days before the blood test. In addition, do not exercise strenuously before the cholesterol tests as it could result in temporary rise of HDL levels. 

Snacks, crackers, lard, chips, cookies, muffins, ice-creams, croissants, cakes, sweets, red meat, and pies should be avoided. Fatty meats, steak, corned beef, sausage, processed meat, egg yolks should not be consumed in excess. Try not to have too many servings of fast foods like fried chicken, hamburgers, and tacos. Mayonnaise dressings should be avoided as they contain a lot of fat. 

The blood sample should be taken early morning. Coffee is allowed for some but it is better if you can skip it. Eat light foods two days before your test so that you do not feel hungry while you start fasting. Avoid dehydration of your body by consuming a lot of water. Do not consume any cholesterol lowering nutritional supplements. Sometimes, you doctor may even ask you to avoid certain medicines while you are fasting. 

Inform your doctor if you have recently undergone a bone scan with radioactive substances or a thyroid test a week before you are drawing the blood sample for cholesterol.

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Worst Foods To Eat Before A Cholesterol Test