Cranberry And Hdl

Cranberry And HDL

HDL cholesterol is good cholesterol and the ideal level of HDL cholesterol in the blood should be around 40mg/dl or more. Since this helps in preventing heart attacks, if the HDL level is lower, then there are more chances of heart attack, Hence, when a person has HDL cholesterol less than 40mg/dl, he or she should make an effort to increase it.

Most of the people are aware of ways to lower their cholesterol but very few may be aware of ways of increasing it.

One of the simplest ways of increasing HDL cholesterol is to consume cranberry juice. This is said to be as useful for the heart just like grape juice or red wine. There have been studies conducted which prove that people who have high LDL cholesterol have benefited by regularly consuming cranberry juice. Their HDL cholesterol increased by as much as 8 per cent. This increase may be due to the flavenoids present in the cranberry juice. Hence, cranberry can be said to have a direct effect on the HDL levels of a person.

By increasing the HDL cholesterol, you can be assured that the arteries are getting rid of the bad cholesterol and such a situation is definitely more advantageous and healthy. Since cranberry juice does not have any side effects, there is no harm trying it. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose an organic cranberry juice so the chances of pesticides and chemicals being included in the juice are nil. This is an easy, harmless and inexpensive solution for people with low HDL levels.

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Cranberry And Hdl