Common Junk Foods Eaten By Teens

Common Junk Foods Eaten By Teens

Teens just love junk food. The most common junk foods eaten by teens are burgers, French fries, cookies, pizzas, and hot dogs. However, out of these junk foods, the most popular are burgers and French fries.

In fact, these two junk foods are American staple and teens cannot live without them.

Most junk foods do not need to be prepared, making them very convenient. And, the fact that they taste good just adds to the attraction. The convenience of eating junk food has also played a big role in making them popular not just among teens but also adults. They can be eaten on the go without the aid of cutlery.

Most teens know that eating junk food is not healthy but they still eat them due to various factors and reasons. Some of them are lack of time and peer pressure. However, the junk foods eaten by teens helps to satisfy hunger and the teens do not care that these foods are laden with sodium, fat and calories.

The common junk foods eaten by teens are available easily and there is hardly any waiting time to get the food, especially when you are in a hurry or want to stretch a dollar.

But among the teens there is a group, although in minority, who may eat a combination of junk foods and healthy food. As most teens come from busy homes, junk food becomes the first choice to satiate hunger and not much thought is given to nutrition and health.

Burgers are invariably the first choice for teens because they are cheap and teens with hardly any money can afford them without shelling out too much. A burger is one junk food item that will fill a teens stomach over salads and vegetables.

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Common Junk Foods Eaten By Teens