Experiments For Kids Comparing Healthy And Junk Food

Experiments For Kids Comparing Healthy And Junk Food

It is important for children to know the benefits of healthy food and the harmful effects of junk food. While schools teach the effects of eating healthy food, not much attention is paid to teaching the ill-effects of junk food.

The best way to teach children these lessons is through experiments for kids comparing healthy and junk foods. Children need to know what they are putting into their bodies and what effects these foods can have on them and their bodies.

Experiments for Kids Comparing Healthy and Junk Food:

One of the easiest experiments is making the children read nutrition information of junk food. Ask them to check out a selection of chips and then check out through nutrition labels how much fat and calories is present in each type of chips.

This experiment will help teach children to figure out how unhealthy certain types of chips are and children will also learn to think about what food contains and what they should be eating.

Experiment on fat content in chips can be done by crushing chips in a brown paper bag and then measuring the size of the greasy patch that appears.  

Teachers can ask children to make a table of fat, salt and calorie content of different types of food. This can include healthy and junk food. Through the table children can learn which foods are best for the body and which are considered to be harmful.

There are many experiments for kids comparing healthy and junk food that can be used in classroom setting. However, parents can also take an initiative and teach children the importance of eating healthy food. Just telling a child will never work because he or she is constantly exposed to junk food and resisting it can be difficult. But educating children through interesting experiments can be a step towards building awareness and hopefully children will learn to distinguish between healthy and junk food and then choose the food that is best for their bodies.

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Experiments For Kids Comparing Healthy And Junk Food