History Of Mars Chocolate

History Of Mars Chocolate

Mars chocolate is sold in the form of bars and it is manufactured by Mars Incorporated. Mars chocolate bars were first manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1932 and were a much sweeter version of the famous Milky Way bar produced in the US by Mars Inc.

The history of Mars chocolate bars is very interesting and all chocoholics are always looking for ways and means of finding out more about this chocolate.

History of Mars Chocolate Bars:

Forrest Mars, the son of Frank Mars, rented a small factory in Slough, England in 1932. The factory started with just 12 employees and it manufactured a chocolate bar that was unheard of in the UK. During that time, chocolate was available in the UK in the form of blocks and Mars chocolate bar managed to tweak people's curiosity with its nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Mars chocolate bar was fashioned after the Milky Way bar manufactured by Frank Mars in the US.

Even today, the original recipe of Mars chocolate bar is the same. The only thing that is changed is the size of the bar and the proportions in which the main ingredients are added.

In 2002, Mars chocolate bar underwent a transformation in the UK. The nougat became lighter and the milk chocolate covering on top became thinner. In addition, the weight of the bar was also reduced. However, this has not stopped people from eating and enjoying it. Today, people can enjoy this classic chocolate bar in various sizes.

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History Of Mars Chocolate