When Was Milk Chocolate Invented

When Was Milk Chocolate Invented ?

When was milk chocolate invented? You may never find this question as part of a general knowledge test but many chocoholics want to know this fact.

Well, milk chocolate was invented in 1876 by Daniel Peter, a Swiss chocolate maker, in the town of Vevey in Geneva, Switzerland.

Even today, Switzerland has the distinction of producing some of the best chocolates in the world.

Daniel Peter used powdered milk that was invented a few years earlier by Henri Nestle, to make the first milk chocolate and the world of chocolate has never been the same again.

However, chocolate during 1876 was not something new. The history of chocolate is, in fact, very old. Even in 1500 BC, the Olmec Indians were growing cacao beans, the beans from which chocolate is produced. Even the Mayans and Aztecs were growing cacao trees and using the beans to make a type of chocolate drink.

But it was Christopher Columbus who was instrumental in bringing the cacao beans to Europe in the early 1500s and as a result chocolate drinks became popular in Spain. And, from Spain over a period of 100 years, the unique chocolate flavor spread to other parts of Europe.

The world would not have been able to enjoy milk chocolate had it not been for the invention of a pressing machine in the 1900s that facilitated the grinding of cacao beans. This allowed chocolate manufacturers to scale up their production and spread the flavor and taste of chocolate around the world.

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When Was Milk Chocolate Invented