Average Number Of French Fries Eaten By Americans Each Year  

According to recent studies, Americans are getting fatter by the year. It is believed that one out of every five American is overweight and obesity is fast becoming a serious problem among teenagers and children. Nutritionists believe the main reason for this is junk food consumption.

French fries are classified as junk food and on an average, a normal American eats around 4 portions of French fries each week and 16 pounds of French fries each year. This is the average number of French fries eaten by one American each year and it is this fact that is causing obesity and weight-related disorders like diabetes, respiratory problems and sleep apnea.

Unfortunately French fries and other junk food like burgers and sodas have been marketed extremely well by fast food chains. They have managed to sustain large portions at low prices; and this is highly appreciated by families where both parents work and are too tired to cook a healthy meal after a long day at work.

French fries are laden with saturated fats, which have contributed to widespread obesity in the America society. However, French fries is synonymous with American food culture and it will be extremely difficult for the healthcare industry to break this connection.

Another interesting fact about French fries consumption is that nearly 80 percent French fries are eaten away from home because they are easy to carry and eat while driving or sitting in a bus. The fast chains in turn account for 67 percent of French fries that are eaten away from home.

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Average Number Of French Fries Eaten By Americans Each Year




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