How Long To Fry French Fries

How Long To Fry French Fries ?

Usually people prefer to French fries as a part of their meal because it is easy to cook and hardly takes any time. However, if you are a French fries aficionado, you should know that not all potatoes make good French fries.

Some are better than others. The best French fries are made from US grade 1 fresh potatoes. That is if you want to make cut and fry the potatoes yourself.

In order to ensure that homemade French fries do not stick together while frying, cut the fries and then put them in cold water for approximately 10 to 30 minutes. This will also help with the crispiness. Another tip that will help is to mix vinegar in water and then soak the potato slices in it. This will stop the slices from turning dark.

Make sure you dry the potatoes thoroughly before frying as it will stop the oil from splattering all over and this will also reduce the amount of fat the fries absorb.

So, how long to fry French fries? Well, it all depends on the type of potatoes you use to make the fries.  Usually it will take around 3 minutes to fry French fries. However, make sure that the oil is fresh and at the right temperature. When you put in the fries into the oil, they should not sink to the bottom of the pan. If they do, the oil has not been heated to the right temperature.

If you are keeping the jacket on, the French fries will take slightly longer to fry; around three and a half minutes.

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How Long To Fry French Fries