Pepsi And Cola Ingredients

Pepsi And Cola Ingredients

Pepsi and cola are the most popular drinks in the US, especially among teenagers. According to estimates, nearly 74 percent boys and 65 percent girls drink at least one soda a day.

Both these carbonated drinks have captured the imagination of the youth and they feel it is uncool not to drink at least one of them.

Pepsi and Cola Ingredients:

The fact that both Pepsi and Cola are unhealthy does not seem to worry teenagers and other children. However, Pepsi and Cola ingredients are not the healthiest if one sits down and analyzes them.

As mentioned earlier, Pepsi is a carbonated drink produced by PepsiCo. The drink was made by Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist, in 1890s. Pepsi ingredients include water that is carbonated, fructose corn syrup, sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid, food coloring and natural flavoring. You can get a caffeine-free Pepsi too.

Surprisingly the original Pepsi ingredients had no caffeine or cola flavoring.

Like Pepsi, Cola or Coca Cola is also a carbonated drink. It was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton. However, Cola was marketed by a businessman named Asa Griggs Candler who gave the name Coca Cola.

The two ingredients of Cola are cocaine (benzoylmethyl ecgonine), which is derived from the cocoa leaf and caffeine, which is derived from the kola nut. That is how Coca Cola got its name. Other than these two, other ingredients in Coca Cola are the same as Pepsi -- corn syrup, carbonated water, phosphoric acid, citric acid and food coloring.

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Pepsi And Cola Ingredients