What Was The Original Filling Of Twinkies

What Was The Original Filling Of Twinkies ?

Twinkies was invented by James Dewar, a bakery manager, in 1930. Dewar was trying to find ways to reduce expenses on the use of pans used for making shortcakes during strawberry season.

He came up with a novel idea of making a golden sponge cake with creamy filling.

The fact that the cream filling was injected into the cake was what made Twinkies so special. This method of production ensured two things -- the shortcakes were available right round the year and the cream filling was soft, creamy and delicious.

So, what was the original filling of Twinkies? Only the diehard aficionados know what was the original filling of Twinkies. In fact, very few children or teenagers may know this fact. The original filling of Twinkies was banana cream filling. However, this was stopped during World War II when a shortage of banana occurred. The filling was replaced with vanilla cream filling.

However, in 2007, the company producing Twinkies announced that the original filling of Twinkies would be re-introduced permanently due to high demand. The banana cream filling increased the sale of Twinkies by as much as 20 percent whenever it was introduced as limited edition. And today, both vanilla cream filling and banana cream filling are available.

Whether the present day banana cream filling tastes similar to the 1930s and 1940s Twinkie will not be known. But the fact remains that Twinkies and its original banana cream filling are synonymous with each other and a true Twinkie lover cannot imagine a Twinkie without this filling.

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What Was The Original Filling Of Twinkies