How Does Alcoholism Lead To Malnutrition In Children

How Does Alcoholism Lead To Malnutrition In Children ?

About 14 million people in the United States are known to be alcoholics. Compulsive drinking can cause major health problems.

Every year more than 100,000 Americans die due to alcohol related causes. However, the most affected by alcoholism are children as parents do not bother to feed them, leading to malnutrition among these children.

Alcohol causes damage to several organs in the human body. But different parts of the brain are found to be more sensitive to alcohol than others. It is known to cause damage to the transmission of impulses between the brain and the nervous system. It causes damage of the liver. It can cause inflammation of the stomach and the digestive system. The food that is consumed will not get digested and absorbed properly. The body will be deprived of essential nutrients and this leads to malnutrition. Various vitamins do not get absorbed. As alcohol contains enough calories an alcoholic does not feel hungry and stop intake of regular food. This also can lead him to malnutrition.   

The primary malnutrition is seen in the dependents those who rely on others on nourishments. Infants and children who depend on their parents for nourishment are vulnerable. Deficiency of micronutrients and proteins is known to cause malnutrition in a large group of people including children. The health symptoms may not be easily visible and some times it takes several years to manifest

The alcoholic parents may neglect the welfare of their children and may not provide a balanced diet which is required for proper and healthy development. Children may be overfed with extra calories but they may lack in vitamins and minerals. Many food companies are also known to exploit the weakness of people for fatty and sugary foods by offering them cheap and nutritionally empty products. With high meat consumption combined with less physical activity, it is leading a lot of children to become obese and also malnourished.

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How Does Alcoholism Lead To Malnutrition In Children