Drugs That Deplete Potassium  

Potassium is one mineral that is highly required by the human body for its proper functioning. It helps the body maintain the proper functioning of the cells, tissues and various organ of the body. It is an electrolyte that conducts electricity within the body along with other required minerals such as sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Potassium is important for the proper functioning of the heart and plays a very essential role in the smooth muscle contradiction as well as the Skelton contradiction which makes it highly essential for a normal digestive and well as the muscular functioning. There are several food stuffs that help consume the required amounts of this mineral within the human body such as the vegetables, meat, certain kinds of fishes, fruits and various legumes. Dairy products also help in acquiring the required quantities of potassium.

There are several medications that can deplete these essential nutrients including potassium as they interfere with the absorption of these nutrients and especially when they are used for a very long time. There are some of the medications that can be categorized under this category and includes antacids, carbon carbonates, and sodium bicarbonate, anti inflammatory medications, inhalants, systemic as well as the topical corticosteroids. People taking any of these above mentioned drugs must stop using them as prolonged use of these medications can lead to various factors including the depletion of potassium within the human body. There may be various other medications as well thus it is important that people go for prescribed medications only in order to prevent themselves from such effects.

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Drugs That Deplete Potassium




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